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MalakiThe name Malaki (pronounced "MALL.ACK.EYE") is renowned for his Joe Satriani tribute show, with such Satch greats as, Crystal Planet, Surfing with the aliens, Always with me Always with You, Love Thing, Ceremony, Friends, Summer song and many others. As well as Satriani he has been known to do Steve Vai's classic track "For the Love of God" - 'it is Awesome'

You can contact MALAKI directly on 07711 768668


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"Following the success of the "Evolution" album which consisted predominantley of covers, Malaki began work on his next release, this time writing all original material. The album will include a track from the 1980's "20-20 Vision" Ep, plus orchestratral pieces such as "The Forest". 3 tracks have been accepted by a Castleford based production company for use by a cable channel on a forthcoming program. These tracks being "On the Edge", "Walk of the Warriors" and "Scotch mist". All tracks are completed for the "ORIGINALS" album and is now available for sale at a limited edition cost of £6.00 inc p&p in the U.K. Drive it being the last track written. (not on audio samples), rock covers band 3MD of which Malaki is guitarist, are taking up a lot of time with live dates, catch them soon." 

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